Why Gun Control Is A Lie

OK, so opinions are like…. we know. Well, here is mine and I think its awesome.

Gun control is a big fat lie. The number one argument, and even Bill O’Reilly repeats this whopper, Our rights have limitations and are not universal. You can’t own a bazooka just like you can’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater. That is BS! First off, you CAN own a bazooka. It just takes a crap ton of paperwork and fees. Second, you can yell fire in a crowded movie theater. Saying the word is not a criminal act. The courts have ruled over and over that free speech is a universal right. What you can’t do is use it to hurt some one or try to cause harm with it. Yelling FIRE in a crowded movie theater may be a crime but it matters in what CONTEXT you said it. If you are part of an audience participation moment and you are all supposed to yell FIRE at a certain part of the movie then it is not a crime. If you do it to start a panic and people could be hurt then it is a crime. Using your rights to cause harm or commit a criminal act is illegal. That is how our rights are limited. The second amendment should be no different.

I have the F word, I can use it when I want. It is a powerful and dangerous word that can hurt people if used incorrectly. I do not need a permit, license or permission from the government to have or use this word. It is my right to have this word and no law can take that away from me. If I use this word to hurt someone then I am subject to any and all laws protecting that person from the harm this word could do.  That is how laws and our rights work. If you do not cause or intent to cause harm you are free to do what you want with them.

Why are guns different. A machine gun is the equivalent of the F word. It is powerful and lots of fun to use in the right time and place but can cause a lot of harm when used in the wrong place. If I yell fire at an actual fire I am not a criminal, I’m a hero. If I use a gun in a bank to stop a robbery instead of start one, I’m a hero. It is all about context. While there can be no restrictions on what words I choose there should also be no restrictions on what GUN I choose. If I go out and shoot a machine gun in a safe manner then I am using my rights as intended. If I use it in a crowded movie theater I have committed a crime. See the comparison? I can’t believe I have to say this but… Please do not commit crimes with machine guns. I was merely making a point.

I have the F word in the back pocket. Sometimes I use it for fun, sometimes to make a point. Sometimes it is used to stop someone for doing something bad. Yelling the F word while demanding someone leave is a good way to get them to leave. Pulling out a machine gun is a great way to get a bad person to stop doing what they are doing. Are there other words or guns we can use, sure! That isn’t the point. The first and second amendments don’t say, “within reason”. The second amendment says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. That is incredibly specific.

No other place in the constitution is it that clear. Seriously, two sentence is all it is. Yes, the semicolon was used back then the same as we use a period today. It was use to end a sentence but to join two related ideas. Think of it more like an “AND” The people should be armed and equipped as the military would be to be ready to defend this nation AND every single person has an individual and unrestricted right to keep and bear arms.

With that truth the notion of constitutional gun control is a lie. The government does have an obligation to protect its citizens but not at the expense of our right to defend ourselves. WE are the first responders, not police. They are the second responders. I carry a gun because I cannot carry a policeman. We would not send the cops into danger without a way to protect themselves but we do it to every other citizen every day. When was the last time a cop was mugged?

That’s my opinion and I think its a good one. Share yours and let me know what you think. If you have read the rest of my articles on the history of gun control you will know that I have done a LOT of research on this subject. While I am biased towards freedom I think we ALL should be biased towards freedom. The bill of rights does not tell the people what they can’t do, it tells the GOVERNMENT what they can’t do! Regulate the government, not the people.

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