Virginia Assault Weapons Ban Defeated, For Now

As Bloomberg and Soros have been dumping money into Virginia to get their radical gun ban agenda pushed through it seems there may be hope after all. Four Democrats on the Virginia State Senate Judiciary Committee have voted to block HB 961, The Assault Firearms Ban, from advancing. This effectively kills the bill for this session and ends to hopes of Governor Northam and other democrats in the legislature of getting the lynch pin in their anti gun legislation passed.

While this is good news it comes with the bitter reality that many terrible bills did get passed and will soon be law in Virginia. These include one handgun per month, universal background checks and allowing cities and counties to setup gun free zones. The biggest turd was the Red Flag bill that is moving towards final passage and it’s date on Gov Northam’s desk.

The big take away from this seems to be hope. Tens of thousands of Virginians and other patriots gathered to show solidarity against this unconstitutional agenda and at least a few law makers were paying attention. This is a model that can be duplicated and must be en mass to let the gun grabbers know that Americans will not stand for this.

So, what now? Lawsuits! Its time for the third branch of government be heard from. Lawyers are no doubt hard at work on both sides. This will take money so be prepared to support those who are fighting for your rights. Freedom isn’t free, Blood or money! Luckily this time its money. Be vigilant and check back for the latest info for what you can do to help.

The other thing you can do right now is get involved in the process. No matter where you live, ask your local republican party what you can do to help. Volunteer with a campaign. Help support candidates for the next election and take back Virginia for Virginians!

We must all hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately. Benjamin Franklin, 1776

For more information a great resource, as always, is Firearms Policy Coalition.

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