Urgent Action! ATF trying to Change 4473 Form For Illegal Gun Registry

This is SO urgent. Please Click This Link Now  and come back to read the rest of the article. Its that urgent. Fill in your info and Click Next. There is the form letter that GOA setup to make this really easy. Send it as is or add your thoughts to it (be polite and professional). Send it and let them know you will not stand for this.

If that form is not working you can email comments to FederalRegisterNoticeATFF4473@atf.gov or call 202–648– 7173

Ok, welcome back. We all know the government is NOT on the side of gun owners. The ATF has decided to change the 4473 form we all fill out to purchase a firearm. Yes, we all go through background checks already. Under current law it is illegal for the ATF or FBI to keep records of our purchases. The FFL you purchase your firearm from keeps those records. Recently ATF agents have been caught recording transaction information. They will right down serial numbers or take pictures of the forms with their phones. This is ILLEGAL but they do it anyways.

Now they want to change the form so it is easier for them to get and store these records, again, against the law to do so BUT who will stop them? How can you prove a secret list exists? There is a 60 day comment period for us to let them know we do not want this new form. That started very quietly back in December and Feb 24th is the last day to comment! We have 2 days to get the word out and get everyone you know to send in comments. Please forward this article, share it on social media and send it to friends. Let everyone know they need to stand up and shut this down, NOW!

Even if you are not a gun owner you should care about this issue. As it stands right now we have un-elected bureaucrats in our government that have decided they do not want to follow the law. Congress has debated this very issue MANY times and has ALWAYS come the the same conclusion. No national gun registry and no federal list of gun owners. These ARE elected lawmakers and they DO get to make the rules. If you work for the ATF or any other agency it is your job to uphold the law. A government working outside the limits of the law is a government out of control. They MUST be held accountable, to us, the law and to to their oath.

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