New Virginia Gun Ban Bill Just Added

If it wasn’t already Armageddon in Virginia for gun rights it just got worse. Delegate Mark Levin (D) has just introduced HB 961 that will go one step further than everything else so far. This bans you from even THINKING about assault firearms. This bill would eliminate any sort of grandfather clause from any other bill and require the destruction or transfer out of the commonwealth of Virginia any and all guns and accessories they don’t like. It would only be legal to transport your assault firearm to a police agency or dealer for the purpose of surrendering your weapon for destruction or transport out of Virginia. There are a lot of other gems. I like the double talk about where a person could shoot a gun legally. Only for hunting or at a range… BUT their last bill outlaws indoor shooting ranges? See how this crap works. We will allow you this but then make that illegal too.

Make sure you are at the VCDL Lobby Day on Jan 20th. They need to hear from everyone that this crap will not be tolerated.

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