Panic Buying Extends to Guns and Ammo

As the world deals with the Corona Virus Pandemic people all over the world are realizing that they are under prepared. Toilet paper started flying off the shelves first, along with hand sanitizer. That moved to all paper products and water. Soon eggs and milk became the focus of the panic. The “preppers” sat back and chuckled. All these are things we should have on hand in reasonable quantities to handle to an emergency. Sadly, many people live paycheck to paycheck and stocking up is just not an option. Now we have shortages and lines wrapped around the Costco to get our daily allocation of toilet paper.

BTW, if you were wonder what it would be like if Bernie Sanders was president, this is it! He has said that bread lines a good thing for a country. Scary as hell!

So, we have all seen the disaster movies, the zombie apocalypse, doomsday scenarios. When people are desperate bad things can happen. As society breaks down and law and order fall away its survival of the fittest, right? These are the fears we all have even if we don’t want to admit it. If we look at history it shows us that people don’t really change. We can often see modern parallels in ancient Greece and the Roman empire. Greed and fear are base instincts of the human psyche and no amount of ‘woke’ness changes that. Damn it, we need guns!

Guns stores are seeing record sales of guns and ammo. First time gun buyers are flocking to stores all over the country to get a gun to protect themselves and their families. Suddenly 10 rounds doesn’t seem like enough for folks in California and Massachusetts. These are the same people who were screaming for “common sense” gun laws just a few months ago. Now they are faced with the reality of what those laws really do. They aren’t there for YOUR protection. You need a gun now, not in 10 days or after the state approves your license. These first time gun buyers are now the victims of their own stupidity. Now do you see what we were talking about? Bet you wish that AR15 had a flamethrower and a chainsaw on it. What is the pistol grip going to do to stop a bad guy? That flash hider doesn’t seem very important now, huh? Remember when we said that the second amendment had nothing to do with hunting? Welcome to the party pal! Better late than never.

Gun owners should not be mad at these folks. They just woke up from a long sleep and will be hungry for training and knowledge. We really need to step up and help get them up to speed. If your local range is open (mine aren’t) spend the weekend trying to help somebody. When the SHTF, that person might be your backup so teaching them about muzzle discipline is in EVERYONE’s best interest. Now maybe we can get some REAL common sense gun laws passed. Like making it easier to buy guns for law abiding citizens. Repealing assault weapons bans and magazine capacity limits would be fantastic. Waiting periods do not save lives, they make you more vulnerable. Ammo restriction? How is that working out for you right about now? Please, call your elected officials and demand they fix this NOW!

Finally, as we wait to see what happens next, please remember that humans are capable of great kindness and generosity.  We are pack animals. We tend to look out for one another. We seek community and charity is in our nature. Now more than ever we need each other. For support, for friendship, for hope and for help. It is this greatness that makes us human. It is our humanity that makes us great! Be well, stay safe and learn to shoot that new gun!

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