Arizona Assault Weapons Ban? You heard that right. There is so much more too.

These days the assault on the second amendment is everywhere. It seems like things are at a fever pitch at the moment and the gun grabbers are everywhere. Now they are in Arizona too. Senator Rios has introduced SB1625 that would ban the import, sale, transfer, manufacture or possession of Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines. You know, the standard “no rights for you” kind of law.

Sen Rios does include a nice little provision that allows for registration with a background check and that sort of thing BUT this one requires annual renewal with new background checks each time. Sounds like a “we will bleed you to death with fees until you relent” scheme. You would also only be allowed to use the firearm at a “Duly Licensed Firing Range” if that even exists. I guess just going out into the desert and shooting is not a thing anymore?

If you live in Arizona you need to be on the phone, emailing or faxing (I checked, Pony Express is no longer a thing) your senators and representatives as much as possible. Let them know we do not want this garbage and it cannot happen here.

Also, make sure you are at the big Rally Feb 15th 10am to 2pm at the state capital. Click here for more info

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