As Dawn Approaches…

The day you wake up and realize the whole world is a lie is a bad day but its better than living that same lie day in and day out, right? The system has failed, that is not hyperbole. Look around. The streets are full of anarchists and revolutionaries and nobody seems to notice. The left and right are both happy to use this chaos to gain power. They are sending out emails asking for you to send them money to support/destroy this wonderful/dangerous group or that group. We have a “pandemic” that has turned the nations economy into a dumpster fire and leaders grasping power they could never have dreamed of only a few months ago. To be clear, this was not a collapse, it was murder. Maybe suicide is a better term. We stood by and watched our jobs, businesses, hopes and dreams die. Not lifting a finger until it was already too late and our mad leaders had found a way to finally gain ultimate power. “Its an emergency” is all they need to decree and all our precious constitutional rights are waived. The illiterate activist judges they had been appointing for years all too willing to waive the white flag and surrender our rights to these tyrants. Even the term they came up with, “social distancing” literally means to separate us by social class, like race, religion or economic class. It is meant to divide us, not keep us safe. None of what has happened was done to keep anyone safe! It was merely a power grab. To be clear, the country we grew up in, The one I was proud to call home. The one I would lay my life down for is DEAD! I’m not sure when it happened but we are not in Kansas anymore! Hell, Kansas isn’t Kansas anymore.

Okay, so that was depressing. Now that I have your full and complete attention let me say the hour of our greatest challenge is upon us. There is zero time left to wait for a “sign” it is time to act. That moment is came and went and you most likely missed it. If not, good for you! The socialist-progressive left must be stopped. Nay, they must be exposed, discredited and dismantled forever! There is no greater threat to democracy and freedom than the current democratic party. I am not calling for open rebellion in the streets, oh wait, we already have that! The extremist left declared war on our rights, our cites and our neighborhoods. They declared war on our jobs, our businesses, our future and our history. Why are we pretending this is not a war? When someone says they are coming to kill you its a good idea to take them at their word! Now they are hunting their enemies in the streets. When a proud patriot answers the call to stand up to defend their community and them self the left locks them up and charges them with murder. If we aren’t going to use the courts to stop this chaos then you shouldn’t be allowed to use those courts to stop those who are doing something to stop the chaos. If its anarchy you want then anarchy ye shall have!

Now the so-called “grown ups” are sabre rattling about contesting the elections. The same people that four years ago were screaming about how Donald Trump said he would “wait and see” what happens before deciding if he would accept the results of the election are now saying that “under no circumstance should Joe Biden concede the election to Donald Trump” if he wins. The leaders of BLM and antifa have promised to “burn down” America if Trump wins. That seems reasonable. None of this should be a surprise. The last time democrats accepted the outcome of an election they lost the Cosby Show was still on the air. That is not a joke, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillarious all have made numerous claims they were cheated out of the presidency. On a good day these are sore losers and these are NOT good days. Joe’s handlers have lawyer’d up and the fight will move to the courts in November and beyond. All the while, Empress Nancy sits ready to take the oval office if they can’t figure it out by January 20. That is also not a joke, look it up! Is there any incentive for them to give up the fight? Why concede when you can just wait out the clock and steal the election. The only possible hope lies with the fact that President Trump has appointed a massive number of federal judges since taking office. With a good judge behind the bench there is al least a glimmer of hope, and an endless string of appeals…..

And now for the part where I give you advice on how to prevent this, how to prepare and what you can do to stop it. Sorry folks, its seems too late for that. The die is cast and our fate is sealed. Unless there is a overwhelming landslide Trump victory in this election the left is too entrenched to just give up now. Let’s face it, the tree of liberty is dormant and dying. It has been too long neglected and may not survive the long winter before us. There are two choices, pray or fight. Perhaps we should be prepared to do either or both.

May God have mercy on us and grant us the strength to persevere. Please forgive us for what we have done to this great gift we were given. We did not understand how precious and fragile our liberty was until it was taken from us. May we have courage to do what is necessary to get it back and grant us the wisdom to never again forget what it means to be free. Amen

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