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So, what is the 2A Rebellion movement all about? Freedom! It is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The second amendment is not just words on paper. It is the idea that all men are born free and have the right to choose for themselves who they want to be, how they want to live and how they choose to protect what is their. Not just their lives or their property but the very foundation of their freedom. The government has no legal right to take our freedom. Only we can hand it over to them. For too long good men and women of this great country have traded freedom for safety thinking the government would protect us. They have not! The world is not any safer than it was. The police are not any closer when you need them than they were. Hope has never been so far away. Tyranny is here, not maybe or soon. NOW! It is time to stop being fooled by “reasonable” gun control. This is full on confiscation and it will not stand!

A list of demands we should all get behind would include:
No Red Flag Laws. All law that strips you of your rights without due process are unconstitutional. There are already ways to do this without stripping people of their rights. Its already killed people and more will die. Repeal these now!

No Assault Firearms Bans. The 2nd amendment was written so we all would have a rifle suitable for military use. Look it up. Could not be more clear.

No Gun Registrations. This is a scheme to get a national gun registry in place. History is clear about this. Every time there has been a gun registry confiscation was not far behind.

No Gun Licensing. Name one other right where you need a license to use it? This is just a way of making it so hard to get a gun you give up.

No Magazine Limits. It is only OK for the government or police to have large capacity magazines but not the citizens? We ARE the government you morons!

Repeal the NFA of 1934. This law was written on the flawed premise that the 2nd amendment was written to protect personal defense and sporting purposes. WRONG! What part of suitable for military use was unclear?

Constitutional Carry in all 50 states. The right to keep and BEAR arms is as clear as can be. Any infringement on that right is unlawful. No rules, no regulation, no permits, fees or taxes.

Share your thoughts and let us know what we should add to this list.

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