Lobby Day Updates, What to Know

Monday is Lobby Day in Virginia and all sorts of craziness is going on. You have a tyrannical Governor building a cage around the capital grounds, State Police hauling in semi trucks with what look like armored check points on them and ANTIFA vowing to stand WITH the gun rights patriots. State Senator Amanda Chase has issued a dire warning to all the attendees and the mainstream media is hoping for a bloodbath. WOW! Lets break down some of this to get you prepared for the event.

First off, the weapons ban is still in place. The State Supreme Court denied a request from GOA and the VCDL for an injunction against the governors order. They stated there was not enough information from the previous ruling upholding the governors order to make a ruling, without asking for more information themselves. PUNT! This is despite there being a law that clearly states the governor does not have the legal authority to order a gun ban during a state of emergency unless it is at an emergency shelter. They actually argued that the capital grounds are an emergency shelter. Huh?

The 8′ high fencing is going up as I write this. The only people allowed to carry weapons inside the cage are the very people who want to take away your guns. Makes a hell of a lot of sense. You have to choose which rights you are going to let them infringe. Either your first or second amendment rights. You can’t have both apparently. Go in and protest but without arms or stay out and keep your arms but you can’t be part of the protest. Seems fair.

State Senator Amanda Chase is a staunch supporter of the constitution and posted a dire warning on her facebook page. She basically says that the Governor and his overlords have been planning this whole thing for years and everything is going exactly to plan. They WANT an uprising. It is the only way to strip us of all our rights and finally take full control. Read the whole post here

The FBI announced they arrested a group of men planning the go to the event in Virginia to cause carnage and chaos. Authorities say they have been watching the group for some time (since August) and have proof they were heading to Richmond to kill people and cause chaos. Now…. I’m a little confused because the election wasn’t until November and the gun control bills were prefilled until after that. Lobby Day has been going on peacefully for 20 years and there was no hint of any sort of large protests until just a few weeks ago. How did a guy in Canada and some loons in Maryland know this was all going to happen and start planning back in August? The FBI clearly said they have been watching them for sometime. Is somebody psychic? This all came out to support the governors claims of an eminent threat. Pretty handy, huh?

Bring your walking shoes if you are going to Lobby Day. No Parking signs are going up everywhere. Buses have been charter and plans are put in place to deal with all this. For more info please go to the VCDL website and make sure you follow them on twitter for the latest info.

That’s it for now. If anything else comes up we will post it here.

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