VCDL Lobby Day 2020 is January 20th, be there!

The Virginia Citizens Defense League is host the next big step in the fight for freedom. January 2th 2020 is Lobby Day. They need every person they can get to come out and join them in trying to shape to future of Virginia and the rest of the America. Seriously, this is so important for as many people to show up as possible. Here is the link to their website with all the details and contact info.

Big thing, please read and follow all the guidelines for attending this event. We need to look serious and professional. They are asking for NO LONG GUNS at the rally. I know, seems odd but the reason is they do not want the corrupt media to distort the message and paint the whole event as a bunch of crazy people with guns trying to intimidate law makers. This is about making our voices heard and not giving the liberals an excuse to ignore our message. Show up, speak in a voice so everyone can hear you and DEMAND your rights not be trampled. Together we can take the fight back and we can win.

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