Gov Northam is Serious and here is why we can say that


If you think the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is a perfectly reasonable person who wants to hear what the people of his state think about gun confiscation think again. This guy is hard core. He has quietly and artfully added a nice little suprise to n3ext years state budget. If you go through and find Item 402 on about pages 399 to 402 you will see not only is he already all in on ending gun rights for the citizens of Virginia he is making you pay for it already. Check this out

Q. Included in the appropriation for this Item is $250,000 the first year from the general fund for the estimated net increase in the operating cost of adult correctional facilities resulting from the enactment of sentencing legislation as listed below. This amount shall be paid into the Corrections Special Reserve Fund, established pursuant to § 30-19.1:4,Code of Virginia.

1. Allow the removal of firearms from persons who pose substantial risk to themselves orothers — $50,000

2. Prohibit the sale, possession, and transport of assault firearms, trigger activators, andsilencers — $50,000

3. Increase the penalty for allowing a child to access unsecured firearms — $50,000

4. Prohibit possession of firearms for persons subject to final orders of protection –$50,000

5. Require background checks for all firearms sales — $50,000.

He knows there we be no “Reasonable” compromise. They are coming for the guns and have no doubt you will all be criminals as soon as the ink dries. They are already setting aside the money to lock everyone up. Tyranny much?

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