Well, the governor is at it again. In the budget hearings going on in Virginia it has come to light that Mr Northam wants $6.8mil for gun confiscation. That’s right, the laws that haven’t even been voted on yet. Nothing is even passed but the Governor is so confident he’s not waiting for things like a vote. He’s going straight to enforcement.

Remember he has also asked to have the budget expanded to house all the newly minted criminals from these laws. Those folks who were previously law abiding citizens are now going to be felons and these terrible people have to be locked up for everyone’s safety. Never mind the two career criminals that just killed a guy at a Denny’s and severely wounded another during a robbery. Those two should have been in jail but a judge decided they did not deserve such punishment and let them walk freely on the streets. Now a man is dead but that’s not a problem. Law abiding citizens with legally purchased firearms are the real threat to society.

So what can you do? Call, write, show up. Stand up for your rights. DEMAND this nonsense end now. January 20th, 2020 is fast approaching. Make sure you attend Lobby Day with the VCDL.

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