Is the UN getting in on the Gun Grab?


Update 1/7/2020 3:00pm MST: I have found the job listing and have been looking at it very closely. A few things jump out. This position does indeed appear to be IN the USA. The other is buried in the job duties. I’ll copy and paste a bit here…

• Provides Headquarters support in planning the civilian and military logistics support for DDR; (DDR refers to Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration)

The civilian aspect refers to law enforcement as well as political figures in the government. As I read this it sure seems like the UN is running or is getting ready to start running the disarmament scheme of the anti gunners agenda. Demobilization would most likely be talking about breaking up civilian militias. Reintegration is always referred to as the final step to internment. That’s right, they are planing on locking us all up until they get their way. After that they will “reintegrate” us back into society, as long as we all promise to behave. Only the UN would be so stupid as to think we are every going to behave…. 240+ years and still haven’t lost our rebellious streak. Ain’t freedom wonderful….

Original Story 1/7/2020 8:00am MST: It has been reported that there is currently a job listing posted by the United Nations for disarmament officers with the language skill requirement being english. Right now there isn’t much more available on this BUT…. we’ll keep an eye on it. This could be for New Zealand’s recent failed gun confiscation scheme. Remember, they banned a bunch of guns but only maybe 10% to 25% got turned in. Not exactly a huge success by anyone’s standards but I’m sure all the 2020 Dem candidates will still call it such.

That’s it. Not much to report but just know we are keeping an eye on everything going on.

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