New Gun Free Zones for Virginia State Capital


Lawmakers in Virginia took little time to implementing their first new gun control law for 2020. It is now illegal to carry a gun inside the state capital building and the Pocahontas building. That’s right, gun free zones! This was as far as the legislature could go with this ruling. As I understand it, they only have authority inside the buildings. It will require the executive branch to limit guns outside on the capital grounds. So far no word on that but I expect to hear more Monday on this. Can’t imagine Gov Northam not declaring the whole site a gun free zone as well, can you?

Why would they do this as their first step? Simply, it is easy. They have the votes and it effects very few people. Also, the upcoming Lobby Day on Jan 20th is expected to bring thousands if not tens of thousands to people and most wanted to show up armed. This will make that a crime. Crazy gun rights activists getting arrest on the news en mass will go a long way to help make their case for stricter gun laws. Also, these cowards did not want to face an angry well armed group of citizens face to face. They much prefer to hid behind the VA National Guard or State Police if they can.

Virginia has a long and storied history with gun bans and confiscations. It was 1774 when the then British governor ordered the confiscation of guns and gunpowder to stop the people from rising up against the crown. Every tyrant knows you have to disarm the people first or they will fight back. The Patriots of Virginia were told to start stock piling arms, gunpowder and ammunition to defend their homes and their rights. The first sanctuary movement in Virginia had begun. Funny how history repeats itself so perfectly.

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