Recall Effort Against Gov Newsom Down To One Camp


For the past several months two separate groups have been working towards one goal, Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom. Now it is down to one.

Dr. James Veltmeyer from La Jolla, CA had put forth an effort to Recall Gov Newsom several months ago. They were going to need to get 1,495,709 signatures to force a recall election. That takes a lot of money. Sadly that is where the effort fell sort. Back in 2003 when Gov Gray Davis got recalled. Darrell Issa ponied up $2m of his own money to fund the effort. Today they say it would take well over $5m to hire all the people to collect the signatures required. With just $90k donated so far it was clear it was not going to happen. January 6th, 2020 Dr. Veltmeyer called it quits for now. There is no limit to the number of times a recall petition can be submitted so they hope to try again with better funding. His group never turned in ANY signatures….. For more info about his effort go to his recall website. If you have $5m or close to it please give him a call.

That leaves Erin Cruz from the RAN Action Fund as the only hope for a recall this year. They have been using a large volunteer base to help collect signatures and there is energy on the ground to get this done. I have seen events where the lines to sign the petition were around the block. According the the group several county recorders have been putting up resistance to accepting the signatures collected so far. The calls of corruption (in Cali, NO!) are rampant and this will most likely end in court, well after the deadline of course. They have until February 13th to get all the signatures in. So far they have about 163,000 but that is just over 10% of the 1,495,709 required to get the recall on the ballot. No telling what the number would be if all the petitions had been accepted. To call this a long shot is an understatement BUT its not over ’til its over. If you live in California and want to help go to this website for more info

Why is this important to gun folks? California is the epicenter of gun control. So far every bad idea that the anti gunners have come up with is taking place there first. Now with the Jungle Primary system and the legalization of Ballot Harvesting any hope of free and fair elections is over until the democrats in power are kicked out. Once the right to have your vote count has been restored maybe we can start to make some headway on gun rights. Taking the head off the snake so to speak would be a great place to start. Unfortunately corruption is like a disease and it is very hard to root out completely. If enough people stand up and shed light on what is going on perhaps things can change. Again, to the folks in California PLEASE take any and all actions you can to help fix your state. I grew up in So Cal and it was great back then. So sad to see what has become of this once great state.

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