Gov Northam Declares State of Emergency Over Gun March


Ahead of Monday’s big Gun Rights Lobby Day Rally Gov Northam has Declared a State Of Emergency over perceived threats of violence. After the Virginia State Legislature declared the Capital buildings gun free zones it was expected that Gov Northam would do the same for the Capital grounds. Well he did one better. He could have simply created a gun free zone but then that might make his side look weak and scared. Instead he chose to create a narrative that paints the pro gun rights activists (90% of the people in the state) as a bunch of violent lunatics hell bent on chaos.

In the declaration Gov North cited “credible intelligence” regarding various threats from the “dark web” showing that armed militias and hate groups were going to come and storm the capital Monday During Lobby Day. At the recommendation of the Capital Police and State Police Gov Northam barred all weapons on capital grounds from Thursday until next Tuesday. In his statement he noted that the threats were similar to those from the “Unite The Right” rally in 2017 when white supremacists marched in Charlottesville. Tragically 3 people died (2 state police officers were killed in a helicopter crash miles away) at that event. What he failed to mention is that the hate group he was referring to in this case is ANTIFA. What was supposed to be a peaceful rally where citizens go to the capital to talk to their representatives has just turned into a battle royale. Good thing everyone will be unarmed so the people of Virginia can’t defend themselves from the leftist terrorists of ANTIFA.

If there was any doubt about the Governor and legislature’s desire to disarm the law abiding citizens or Virginia let this stand as a warning. They are playing chess here, not checkers. They fully understand that they need to create a narrative that shows the pro gun folks as viscous lunatics out for blood. This is how the state police will be able to move in an arrest huge groups of people. I’m not a conspiracy theory kind of guy but that is pretty clear. Its tin foil hat time people. When this all first started coming out I had one question. How are they going to manage to turn the narrative in their favor? What is the plan? Well, here it is. You are all a bunch of terrorists and they have to disarm and lock you all up for the public’s safety.

So what to do now you say? Don’t fall for it. I say show up with flowers and hand them out to the counter protesters. Turn the other cheek, don’t take the bait. To quote Admiral Ackbar, “Its A Trap!”

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