Right now we are facing a serous threat to our rights. Politicians on both sides make a sport out of taking us for granted and it sure seems like the system is rigged against us. So yeah, it can feel pretty overwhelming at times. What can I do as an individual to make a difference. How can I stand up and demand my rights? Well here are a few things you can do right now to help.

DONATE! Find all the groups that are working on the issues that matter to all of us and give them any and all money you can. I do mean ALL OF US. Don’t think because you don’t own an AR or AK that semi-auto bans don’t affect you. Any ban against our second amendment rights is a ban against all of us. You think they aren’t coming for your pistol or shotgun next? Dream on buddy. The goal isn’t safety. Its total disarmament. People with guns have power. They want all the power and they have to disarm you to get more of it. PERIOD!

Here is a short list of groups fighting to our rights. You may notice a big name is not on this list. The NRA is based in Virginia and so far not a f@$kng peep! Seriously, useless cowards are too buy buying yachts or something. Sending money to the NRA is like sending money to Bloomberg. OK, so I’m off on a tangent here but they have really pissed me off on this one. Send money to people actually doing things to help.

VCDL – Virginia Citizens Defense League
This is a great group on the ground and working day and night for all our rights. Not just Virginia. What happens there will affect all of us. You do not have to live in VA to join. Its $25 and that money goes a long way to fight the gun bans.

FPC – Firearms Policy Coalition
When you here about a court case fight for gun rights I bet the FPC is involved. They are kicking ass and they need your help. Lawyers aren’t free and travel, court fees and such cost money. This is dollar for dollar one of the best places to send your extra cash.

GOA – Gun Owners Of America
This is the group you WISH the NRA was. Honest, hard working and dedicated to winning this battle. These guys and gals are at it day and night trying to protect your rights. Join them now! RIGHT NOW! Seriously, GO!

NAGR – National Association for Gun Rights
This is one of my personal favorites. They are up on everything going on and make it pretty easy to stay informed about what the government is doing with regards to gun rights.

If you live in California then you need to be active with this group. They are fighting for the second amendment in the toughest place in America. These forums have all the info you need to keep up with what is going on in your state.

Gun Owners Of California
Like GOA or others they are fighting to protect the rights of the people of California. If you are take down Cali you can win the war! Join them if you can, especially if you live in Kalifornia or another oppressive state.

Guns and Gadgets – Youtube channel
Jared is about the most dedicated defender of the Second Amendment I have ever seen. Seriously, this guy has a full time job (cop) and a family but still puts in long hours everyday to bring all of us the latest news, good, bad or ugly, on the second amendment. I personally check his channel first thing every morning to see what is going on in the world. He’s that good! Plus don’t miss the coffee he has available through Blackout Coffee. The 2A Roast is AMAZING! This is different from Black Rifle Coffee. Also very good. Buy Jared’s coffee through Blackout Coffee, Join his Patreon, send cash through paypal if he has that. Support the guy. He is working his butt off for us. He deserves it.

This list can (and should) go on forever. If you have a group you want added let us know in the comments. This is just the groups off the top of my head. Daily 2A News on Youtube is the Dailyshooters’ new news channel. Eric and Chad at Iraqveteran8888 does a ton of stuff on theses issues. Reid Henrichs is great to watch. Patriot Nurse, Good Patriot, Liberty Doll, Colion Noir are all great channels too. There are dozens more out there. Forgive me for not naming them all. Add your favorite to the comments below. Buy their stuff, support them as you can. Likes and subscribes help too.

The biggest thing we can do is take physical action. Actually get out of your house and go to meetings. Be it your congressional representative’s town hall meetings, city council meetings, the state legislature or rallies to support gun rights. An actual person standing there is FAR more powerful than a phone call or an email. The news isn’t going to cover our movement unless they can see it. Show up and make your voice heard!

The next thing to do is join a local group of like minded folks. Together you can work on local issues and stand with one another should the need arise. United we are strong. Alone we are vulnerable. If you don’t have a group near you start one. Go to the gun store or range and ask if you can post a flier. Get people to come to you. Do be somewhat leery of people you do not know well. It would not be the first time the government placed people in these sorts of groups to “monitor” them. Maybe don’t brag about your collection or how much ammo you just bought with strangers. “They” make lists of folks like us. Think I’m nuts? Not hardly….

The point is there are a huge number of us. Stick together. Work together. Support those working for your rights. One guy with a gun and soapbox is a nut job with a gun. A million of us with guns and soapboxes is a movement!

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