Cali Assault Weapons Ban Injunction Hearing Still Moving Forward


California AG gets shut down by judge. The state of California is trying hard to fight the upcoming Miller Et al v Beccera hearing seeking an injunction against the California Assault Weapons Ban. The state had asked for a stay to postpone the hearing but Judge Roger T. Benitez denied it. The date was pushed back to the first week of February but the hearing is still moving forward. FPC is onboard with this case along with Gunfighter Tactical, LLC, John Phillips, Poway Weapons and Gear, San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO), California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc., Neil Rutherford, Adrian Sevilla and Ryan Peterson.

If there is any other news about Freedom Week 2.0 we will bring it to you.

A Brief History. If you are not familiar with any of this here is some back story. California bad! A little more in-depth history is that California has been banning and taxing anything fun for years. The assault weapons ban is bad but not even in the top 10 for crazy stuff they are doing to violate the second amendment. A little while back a court case was heard by Judge Benitez regarding magazine capacity limits. He ruled that the law was unconstitutional and “Freedom Week” was born. The state got him to stay the ruling until an appeal could be heard (still waiting on that… how many years will it be?) and the fine folks in CA had until that Friday to get their magazines. The same judge is now hearing this case and if you read the decision in that case his reasoning is giving everyone a lot of hope in this case. This is not to say that everything will be settled or all is good. There is still the ruling in Cook County, IL that upheld the ban there. Conflicting rulings always seem to head to SCOTUS and they have been a bit spotty on taking any 2A cases lately. AG Barr is not helping any with his nudging them to stay out of things. ANYWAYS…. that is another topic for another day.

What Can You Do To Help? Keep you fingers crossed and think about donating to the folks on the front lines protecting our freedoms. Freedom isn’t free. Blood or Treasure, its your choice. I prefer treasure personally. Much easier. Give til it hurts so that it doesn’t literally hurt later.

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