Gun Control Bills Advance in Virginia While The Gov Hides Inside His Castle


As Gov Northam is tilting at windmills and calling everyone a terrorist the Virginia Senate took up 4 gun control bill yesterday. The results held a few surprises. Three of the bills passed, not much of a surprise but 1 got two Republican votes and a 4th bill is still waiting for its vote. That could be a sign that support is not strong enough or maybe the bill is not draconian enough for their tastes. Here is your “This Day In Tyranny” run down.

SB 35 will allow local cities and counties to ban firearms, ammo and accessories from certain public spaces like parks and other public property during permitted events or other events requiring a permit. This is bringing back old laws that the voters had rejected years ago. Since it was once a law I think this as seen as low hanging fruit that would be difficult to challenge in court. It passed on party lines.

SB 69 brings back the old 1 firearm a month restriction. Again, resurrecting an old law seems like a “safe” first move. These sorts of restrictions may sound good but 1 gun or a 1,000, what is the difference to a criminal bent on destruction? This really only hurts to collector market. AKA, public enemy #1. Passed completely on party lines, again.

SB 70 is the Universal Background Checks bill that will require a background check for any transfer of a firearm. This is the bill that actually got 2 republican votes. Senator Dunnavant and Senator Norment actually voted for this turd. If you live in Virginia I hope you will be on the phone immediately letting them know to get their resumes in order.

SB 240 is the Reg Flag bill and it has sort of stalled at the moment. The vote on this bill has not been held now for a couple of days. Maybe they don’t have the votes or maybe they want to add a few things to it before they vote. Keep up the pressure. Call, write and go to Lobby Day to let them all know you strongly oppose this bill. We’ll keep an eye on this to see what is going on.

That’s the daily tyranny news for this Friday morning. Keep you chins up and your heads down. Northam is looking for patsies to prove the crazy gun nuts are out to get him so mind the chatter as they say….. The world is watching… and listening.

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