4 Arizona Bills Aiming for Universal Background Checks

One of the favorite items on the gun control advocates wish list is Universal Background checks. With this we can save the world, they promise. Every day billions of illegal guns are sold out of trunks of cars and used to kill every child on earth with their .50 caliber clips and fully automatic barrel shrouds, or some nonsense like that. Well, four new bills look to bring that to Arizona

The bills are HB2322, HB2545, HB2546 and HCR2018. The text of these bills is pretty standard Bloomberg playbook. No sales or transfers without an FFL. HB2445 is a bit more severe than the others but its HCR2018 I am most worried about. That is a referendum that if approved in the house and senate would end up on the ballot for voters to approve. I love my fellow Arizonans but we don’t have the greatest track record with referendums. People just don’t seem to pay enough attention to the details and just read the 2 or 3 sentences describing the bill. This one MUST be stopped before it gets that far. Get on the phone and let your legislator know how you feel about this. DO IT NOW!

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