Fudds In A Modern Age

As news from Tennessee has come out that a FUDD has made comments against gun rights it seems fitting to talk a little about what a FUDD is and where they fit in in the modern age. What is a FUDD? Its the old timer or hunter that feels comfortable in their little bubble and really don’t care about the 2A fight. To them no one would EVER come after THEIR rights or guns. They feel safe and don’t care about anyone else’s rights. These are the guys who think that THEY are responsible gun owners and the kids and their MSRs (AR style rifles) are the real problem. You will see them at the gun shop, at the range or even the coffee shop. They look at you funny when you walk in with our short case. Barrels less than 26″ are for trouble makers! I got news for you buddy, fun ends at 16″!

To be fair, my grandfather was a FUDD. He thought me to shoot at age 7. He thought me how to be safe, responsible and respectful with a firearm. Its HIS rules I teach new shooters. He used his guns to feed his family in hard times, protect them in bad times and educate a whole new generation in his end times. Tear running down cheek but he was a great guy. Still, he was a FUDD. I have experience with the type, I get it. Lead, follow or get out of the way. It is time for a new generation to lead. We have more legal knowledge and momentum than you ever did. Thank the internet for that. You guys trained us now TRUST US to take the fight!

So, what is the problem? Do to misinformation back in the day it was believed that ANY gun control was legal. The NRA seemed like they pretty much had a “negotiated surrender” policy for many years. Some say they still do. If you lose in court then you prove the law is legal. Better to let the question go unanswered sort of thing. That is frankly BS! There are plenty of examples of thieves targeting the same location over and over because there was no resistance. Progressives see the same thing with gun control. No fight means easy victories.

Today we know more. There have been several big court rulings that show that the past arguments for gun control are just plain wrong. Heller and McDonald are the two biggies but there are others. Even Miller back in 1939 shows that the second amendment was written specifically to protect military style weapons. Don’t let Beto and Sleepy Joe fool you. The AR 15 is EXACTLY the gun the second amendment was written for. FUDDs should stop talking for two seconds and listen a little. With all due respect it is time to update your opinion on the subject.

Why should we care about FUDDs and why are they dangerous? One big reason, the media. They are looking for ANYONE they can get to support their agenda. Some old guy who has been an NRA instructor for years is exactly the guy who makes the 5 o’clock news. Saying things like average people can’t be trusted with guns plays right into their hands. Sure, most people are idiots. Spend 5 minutes in public and its pretty obvious the average person is slightly smarter than a house plant. Gun owners are not average people! We just aren’t. A person who decides they want to take their safety in their own hands and learn how to use a gun is showing a clear advantage of intelligence. Saying they can’t be trusted is stupid. Is training important? It is critical. You wouldn’t buy a piano and just assume you are an expert at pianist. Making it mandatory to be allowed your constitutional rights is where the line is drawn.

Fact is the data shows no correlation between permit-less, constitutional carry and any increase is accidents or deaths. New shooters can be intimidated by shooting ranges. Ear Pro doesn’t make conversations very easy. I know my wife was very nervous her first time at the range and I’ve been shooting for decades. Its just a very scary place for newbies. Maybe we can come up with some other kind of training or at least orientation for new gun owners. The government already taxes the crap out of guns so why not use some of that money to setup voluntary training programs. FUDDs can still pass their vast knowledge on and still have that income but without a mandatory requirement for it. I think most shooters would donate a Saturday or Sunday to partner/shadow a new gun owner at the range. Show them the ropes and help them with any questions. Any day shooting is better than pretty much any other day, right? I know there are plenty of formal classes like that but some people don’t feel comfortable in a class like that. Just spit ballin’ but why not?

So, to the FUDDs out there, it may be time to expand your comfort zone. Go shoot an AR and tell me why they are evil? Go shoot a Glock and tell me why the 1911 is so superior. Heck, go shoot a modern revolver and tell me why the Colt Single-Action is all you need. The world did not stop when John Moses Browning died. The NFA is not final word on gun control and YES, they are coming for your guns too!

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